May 7, in anticipation of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the great Victory, the senior group children's theatre Studio Hello (curator and educator Catherine Cousin) took part in the festive concert with a performance of "the Ballad of the anti-aircraft gunner" on poems by Robert Rozhdestvensky. Hall with bated breath, staring at the young artists! The guys had managed to convey the horror of those terrible years, so professional-of course they worked on stage. Tears were rolling from his eyes, a lump in my throat throughout the performance. That's what I felt the audience in the hall. Many thanks for the work of the teacher group Catherine Cousin and the Director of the theater Svetlana Pogodina.

April in the children's theatrical Studio "Hello" began with the premiere of the play-tale "the Blue bird". Guys twice showed the production the audience to see this work like again and again. The professionalism of students is growing every year. And a huge thank you to the teacher group to Trubin, Andrew and film Director Svetlana Pogodina.

March 24, children's theater Studio Hello (curator of group Andrey Trubin) provided to the audience Studio "fedorino mountain." The guys are very responsible attitude to work. But the most important thing is for them applause and smiles of their parents and of course their teacher Andrew Galloway and Director Svetlana Ivanovna Pogodina!.

In June 2014, the children's theater Studio "Hello" took part in the festive concert of the children's carnival "childhood planet" dedicated to the International children's day. Little artists showed an excerpt of the play "And we in the yard". The Director of the theater Svetlana Pogodina her ward was awarded the honorary diploma for participation in the concert.

In March 2014, the children's theater Studio "Hello" took part in III international festival of theatre art "the Play, actor!". Little artists staged "we are in the yard". Following the contest, the Studio "Hello" was awarded a diploma "for the best children's performance".

The participants of children's theatrical Studio "Tryam" in the framework of the theatrical festival "theatrical spring" staged "in our yard"

Won in the nominations "Best performance" and "Best set design"


6 Jun 2013 about pamatka Alexander Pushkin, in the square before Palace of culture, made starshaya Studio group "Tryam".

2 Jun 2013 in a city Park in Shchyolkovo passed a celebratory concert devoted to "Day of childhood". The concert was attended by the participants of children's theatrical Studio "Tryam".

Our cute and touching "snails" I congratulate the employees of the library with a holiday!

May 9, 2013

Children's village of Komarovo on a street in Queens. Poems about the great Victory from the young participants desceu theater Studio "Tryam".

8 may 2013 the participants of children's theatrical Studio "Tryam" read poems to the Veterans of the great Patriotic war, as well as all those who came this day to the District Cultural complex to celebrate the great Victory Day!


From 28 to 31 March 2013 in the hotel "Youth" (Moscow region, Shchelkovo R-n, d. Raika) hosted the 2nd open interregional festival of theatre art "the Play, Actor!".The festival is a joint project of the Foundation of propaganda children's film "Kilogram", the Administration of the city settlement of Shchelkovo and administration of rural settlement Aniskinskoe and is for the purpose of support and development of Amateur theatre work, improve the level of acting and the exchange of experiences of participants. A feature of this Festival is the creation of a creative atmosphere, informal communication aspiring actors with the best representatives of the profession – the stars of Russian theater and cinema.
The festival was attended by children's theater Studio "Hello" when MAUK SCHMR "Shchelkovo Drama theatre". The head of the Studio S. I. Pogodin, teachers: E. G. Kuzina, and V. V. Remnev. The children showed an excerpt from the play "hail Kukarjamba!" Cyril Queen based on the novel by A. Lindgren "Pippi Longstocking".

The performance was awarded with diplomas:

-for best Director (in the person of S. I. Pogodina),
-for best actress (Anna chegodaeva).

In the opening of the festival was attended by actors Shchelkovo drama theater rooms:
Musical dramatic sketch "the Beginning..."
Dramatic instrumental etude "Orchestra. Life is full of fun..."

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