#13 Elena 16.04.2016 18:18
Thank you very much for today's show *I stand at the restaurant*! We loved it! Forgot to buy flowers , next time will do better!!
Probably, every woman in my life is or was like this *Sasha*.
#12 Oksana 12.01.2016 17:45
Visited 08.01.2016 theatre ,the play "gentlemen,comrades,ladies and bastards..." a Wonderful production,it's not just a Comedy,but a truly deep,emotional,living pictures from the lives.A bit of sadness,a bit of irony,and a lot of laughter and good mood!Many thanks to all the creative team,the Director,and all employees of the Shchelkovo drama theatre,that in our city you can spend a convivial evening.
#11 Anastasia 09.01.2016 20:54
He was on the show Who came up with the New Year, we with the son 2 g was ecstatic :-),everything was just magical,as if you were in a fairy tale,the little boy watched with pleasure.Will definitely come again!!!
#10 Xenia 09.01.2016 14:03
It is wonderful that our city has a theatre with such talented actors! Loved Your Christmas shows, thank you very much for the brilliant game. Looking forward to new productions!!
#9 Anna 07.01.2016 17:18
Today was the performance of "Who invented New year! Ecstatic!!! A very high level, not expected! Like adults and children 2, 3 and 5-three years ! Thank you, we are now yours!
#8 Kira 04.01.2016 16:24
Today he was on the show!Very ponravilos.kstati, actors, nice atmosphere! First the children play, dance, sing and tancuyte you will find a fascinating game of actors, amazing scenery and beautiful costumesone like the game girl-piranian artistic devushkina play is talanton interesting, watched the kids in one breath and adult togeby large maladzyozhny pleased that in our city there is much to keep children and from framespacing bring you more interesting children's performances
#7 Galina 03.01.2016 20:02
Today was the presentation - the Pirate holiday! Very impressed! All very much! Acting is seen that from the heart,not for show! The costumes,scenery,lighting,music - just gorgeous! Met-escorted every guest! Nice atmosphere in the theater! Impressed with both adults and children! Thank you to all the staff of the theatre! Now we are going to you to come often! We wish all the good to You! There is a small wish on the future - to organize the purchase of tickets online!
#6 Tatiana 25.12.2015 20:32
Today was with kids at the premiere of "Pirate holiday New year"! Not only that, the Prime Minister, and even in a new home theater! Thanks a lot for a wonderful spectacle and bright emotions! Very cheerful, Christmas, pirate show! Irresistible piranha , stunning the pirates and pirates , funny Eskimoski and radiant maiden and a good Santa Claus - all the characters are just great! And what scenery! And what is the scale of what is happening! Just no words! WITH THE PREMIERE!!!!
#5 Olga 13.12.2015 11:29
Guys who, on 12 December morning in Bogorodskoye worked, was at the festival your.Well,of course,worked great,in my opinion,never stayed,so much movement,so much dance))Normally you calorie burn for such a statement)Yet you have great background songs I even never heard,the text and melodies are great,the kids loved it and very cool that at the end of the presentation, the snow is gone)))In General,great,not boring,the kids all super and all the adults were dancing and smiling!)))
#4 Natalia 07.10.2015 06:37
Was with the family in September at the performance of "Count Nulin". To say that we liked - not to say anything, although the first ten minutes was the thought, "God, where are we, what is it - Pushkin?" But then the action captured, sincere, live game artists, unexpected "flow" of ideas from the Director! All artists, Director Svetlana - thank you! You - the talent, not every Metropolitan theatre could boast of such a game. Going to see the whole repertoire of the theater was not, but seem to have become.
#3 Victoria 31.05.2015 07:58
Was with friends at the premiere of "Count Nulin". We loved it, got a huge charge of positive emotions. Artists - well done! So contagious and vividly played.
Very interesting and unexpected directorial idea (though I'm not an expert, but I say what I think): like on the go all designed, created storyline and change the fate of the main characters. I haven't seen this, but it great!
#2 Yulia Stadnikova 08.02.2015 21:47
obry day!
I would like to thank the management and staff of the Shchelkovo Drama theatre for a very interesting production. Really liked the children's performances: "Who invented New Year" and "knock, knock, who's there?". My kids are 3 and 6 years watched the performances with great pleasure, and we adults too! And thanks for the award ceremony on stage with the artists for winning the drawing contest, which was held on 7 February. The best ways to encourage the child to further work it is impossible to find :)
#1 Andrew 17.01.2015 17:44
I want to leave feedback about the play "Who invented New Year?", held in g. Vidnoe in early January 2015. (by the way, absolutely free).

Came with daughter (5 years old), absolutely did not expect such performances. Excellent scenery and props, well thought out plot and of course great performances from the actors.

Alas, the site for these actors the play "Who invented New Year?" does not appear in the lists, so grim could not find a those who participated.

Except for bag of bones (Michael); of course, he's incredibly charismatic and burned with Napalm.

Good luck to all, thanks for a great show, super!!!

PS: Svetlana real good, her health and all the very!

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