"Through the pages of Chekhov's short stories"

In the framework of the program "From books to theatre" TKTS "Shchelkovo theater" showed the students the dramatized program "the stories of Anton Chekhov"

Chekhov's stories reached the highest point of recognition: they are included in the curriculum, suggested readings for children and adolescents.

The task of the Director and actors is the formation of young generation love and respect for the cultural history of his native land and the connection of literature with life . To enhance the educational, moral and aesthetic effects of literature on students it is important to develop their creative imagination, the ability to see and represent the author painted images and patterns, empathize with the hero and author of the work, create the ability to perceive and analyze social, moral, and aesthetic content of literary works, to interpret the motives and consequences of characters ' actions.

We are confident that the programme will contribute to:

  • To ensure spiritual and moral unity of the people.
  • Raising an emotionally significant relationship to literature and the theatre.
  • The development of the sustained interest in various forms of creative works.
  • The revival of true spiritual values of the Russian people.
  • The expansion of interest in art, literature, drama, the history of his people.

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