Play, Actor -2017!

VI open interregional festival of theatre art "the Play, the Actor!" started in children's health and education center "young army men" on March 23.

It was attended by children's Studio and youth theater groups in the suburbs. As the organizer of this year were made by TCC "Shchelkovo theatre". As well as the performers of the theatre held for the children interesting workshops and prepared enchanting the closing of the festival.

Children's creative laboratory at TCC "Shchelkovo theatre" brought four awards in the nominations: "the Best literary and dramatic composition" - the senior age category, the group "Courage" to play "anti-aircraft gunner"; "the Role of the second plan" - the lion Matviychuk (the role of chief burzhuina) in the play "malchish-Kibalchish" Junior group "Hello"; "Best performance" - Junior age category, group Hello, the play "malchish-Kibalchish"; "Best actress" Eva Nevzorov (the role of Masha's daughter) in the play "a Favorite toy", the younger age category, a group of "Our world's a stage!".

It was an unforgettable four days! Thank you!


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