"We celebrated the New Year!.."

In the Christmas holidays Shchelkovo theatre showed the premiere of new year's performance-tale "We meet New year"!
New production of theater Director Svetlana Pogodina contains a fascinating story, filled with songs performed by the heroes of fairy tales - the snow Maiden, Baba Yaga and other equally colorful characters. The tale is modern, but, as usual in this literary genre teaches children core values - kindness, compassion, intolerance to cheating. The happy ending of a young New year miracle is selected from the lair of Baba Yaga and finds Santa Claus, which must congratulate children with the holiday.

8 Jan theatre concert center "Shchelkovo theatre" completed the Christmas marathon with a performance of "a Pirate holiday – New Year!". In these festive days we showed the residents of the city and district more than 15 performances. Almost 3,000 people attended our events. Thank you, the audience, shining eyes and warm words of gratitude! We were glad to see you on our performances!!!!


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