The best letter to Santa Claus!

January 6 was held the final of the competition "the Best letter to Santa Claus -2017". This year the competition received more than 300 letters. In the letters, the children told about their main actions in the past year, and of course, talked about their desires.

"We tried to meet the wishes of the children bought a large part of what they asked, - has summed up the results of the contest the Director of the theater-concert center "Shchelkovo theatre" Tatiana Ershova. Lots of letters came without a return address, which did not allow us to find the letter's authors. Those who have fulfilled all the conditions of the contest, we invited to us in the theater at the ceremonial presentation of gifts."
Toys the kids gave Santa Claus, snow maiden and fairy Snowmen. Gifts for the best Christmas letter we got 60 kids.

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