29 may 2013 on the stage of the regional Palace of culture of the city Shchyolkovo accounting concert of Children's art school. Actors Shelkovskogo drama theatre supported the event.

The librarian's day.

Shchelkovo on the stage of Drama theatre congratulated librarians!

Host of the evening Svetlana Pogodina, Director of the Shchelkovo Drama theatre. Alexander Leksin and Nikolai Naumov voiced their congratulations and best wishes! The troupe Shchelkovo Drama theatre congratulated the library personnel numbers ("Orchestra", "Kehrer"). Andrew Trubin, theater, sang songs.And the younger from the Studio "Tryam", showed a touching number about the snails that were attracted to the books... Collectives of Palace of culture sang and sang and sang again...

Happy holiday, all librarians!



May 18, 2013 in city Shchyolkovo celebrated the day of the Museum! In the evening held a festive event, with a quiz, gifts. And the doors of the Museum were open for visitors not only during the day in the evening but at night!

May 9, 2013

Honor the memory of those killed in the great Patriotic war.

The March on the garden of remembrance and wreath-laying at the Memorial on Grebenskaya mountain.

Participation in the festival of children's theatrical Studio "Tryam"!!!

Nagrazhdenie of workers of culture and the celebration of the day of worker of Culture conducted on the basis of the Shchelkovo Drama theatre in March 2013, with the participation of teams Shchelkovo district.

March 2, 2013 took place the opening of the Shchelkovo Drama Theatre!

Chief Director and Director: Pogodina Svetlana

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