January 18, 1943 the blockade was broken ring of Leningrad. January 27, 1944 the blockade was lifted completely. Schelkovskaya in the hall of the Drama theatre hosted a concert for the veterans who survived these terrible and painful year. 900 days of starvation, cold and bombing. 900 days of terror and suspense. The veterans, with tears in his eyes, recalled those days of horror.

Charity event "Christmas miracle" with the presentation of gifts to the children from social rehabilitation centers, orphanages and children with disabilities was held in the Regional Cultural centre on 23 January 2015. Artists Shchelkovo Drama theater happy children exciting program in the foyer of DK. The children were happy to communicate with your favorite characters of cartoons and fairy tales. With great joy, played games and danced.

24 Dec Shchelkovo Drama theatre for the first time showed the audience a Christmas story "Who invented New year?". Residents of Shchelkovo, discovered the secret of father Frost and snow Maiden! The play was a huge success among all age categories of viewers. Koschey charming, good-natured Baba Yaga, the Goblin charismatic, dazzling Pike and all the characters in the stories evoked laughter and smiles from the audience throughout the performance. Parents and children with genuine joy taking pictures with the characters after the performance.

Among the largest events of the great Patriotic war, the battle of Moscow occupies a special place. In December 1941, on the outskirts of the capital, Hitler's army suffered its first serious defeat. In the winter of 1941-1942, the Red Army inflicted a crushing blow to the main enemy group. It was then dispelled a myth about invincibility of the German army and given up on the plan of lightning war against the Soviet Union.

December 5 is the anniversary of the beginning of the Soviet counterattack against the German-fascist invaders in the battle of Moscow. Shchelkovo Drama theatre took part in the concert program dedicated to this great date in our history.

On November 27 in Shchelkovo local house of culture hosted a festive concert dedicated to mother's day! And help the actors to congratulate all moms Shchelkovo district children theater Studio "Hello" in Shchelkovo Drama theatre!

Children's drawing competition

"The most talented viewer"

Organizers: Shchelkovo Drama theatre

Objectives: to identify talented children in the field of artistic creativity, development of creative potential of the audience Shchelkovo Drama theatre.

The subject of the competition: children's drawings on motives of the Christmas tale "Who invented New year?"

Contest conditions:

  • To participate in the competition children all preschool and General educational establishments without age restrictions.

· Drawings can be done in any technique (oil, watercolor, ink, colored pencils, crayons, etc.)

· Drawings must be signed on the reverse side including the name And age of author, contact number of parents.

  • To figure need to make a ticket of the play "Who invented New year?"

The participants of the contest:

The audience Shchelkovo Drama theatre, attending a Christmas play – " Who invented New year?".


The works carried out from 24 December 2014 to 11 January 2015

In the foyer of the Shchelkovo Drama theatre will be installed a special box in which You can store your work.

From 15 to 20 January 2015 will be summed up and determined the winners.

The results of the contest on the official website of the Shchelkovo Drama theatre will be lined with the work of the participants and information about the winners. Administrator Shchelkovo Drama theatre will contact the winners on these phones and inform them about the date of the award ceremony in the hall of the Shchelkovo Drama theatre!

The contest will be determined by 5 places.

Evaluation criteria:

- the content and the conformity of the topic of the competition;

originality of idea;

- creative idea;

the artistic level of the works in accordance with the creative level of the age of the author.



1) the Director and artistic Director of Shchelkovo Drama theatre - Pogodina Svetlana

2) the Main artist of the Shchelkovo Drama theatre - Tarasov Alexey Leonidovich

3) Director of children art school - Rybalko Elena

4) Actors Shchelkovo Drama theatre

Awards for the winner in the competition:

- Diploma in the nomination "the Most talented viewer Shchelkovo Drama theatre!"

- Annual subscription for children's performances Shchelkovo Drama theatre

A gift from the heroes of the tale, Fixico – Simka and Nolik, Santa Claus and snow Maiden.

25 October 2014, children's town, a solemn opening of the Playground. Artists Shchelkovo Drama theatre presented the boys and girls of the city exciting game with surprises.

Dear viewer! We invite you on 11 and 18 October at 18.00 at the performance show "Life is full of fun!.." The premiere took place on 27 September 2014 and already the show has a huge number of fans.We are waiting for You!!! You get a lot of pleasure and positive sea!!!


This room was first shown at the III regional meeting of workers of culture to the resort-Park "Union", which was a huge success.

2 Jun 2014 in the resort-Park "Union" was launched on the III regional meeting of workers of culture. Artists Shchelkovo Drama theatre showed luxury accommodation in a brilliant performance.

2 Jun 2014 Shchelkovo Drama theatre took part in the solemn event on the occasion of opening the memorial plaque for the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

In the night from 17 to 18 may artists Shchelkovo Drama theatre in the images of the famous English detectives went on a fascinating historical journey through England together with the residents of our city.

13 may 2014 in Shchelkovo Drama theatre took place the premiere of performance "the Jolly Roger".

Actors Shchelkovo Drama theatre and young actors a children's theater Studio "HELLO" made a literary-musical composition, dedicated to the 69th anniversary of Victory in great Patriotic war, the Greben mountain.

May 8, 2014 in Shchelkovo Drama theatre held a gala concert dedicated to the victory in the great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.







The competition is held in support of creative works of pupils of educational institutions of the Shchelkovo municipal area to promote healthy and safe lifestyles, the formation of the youth of high Patriotic consciousness, feelings of loyalty to the Fatherland, readiness for performance of civic duty and constitutional duty to protect the interests of the Motherland. The contest is held from 03 April 2014 to 30 April 2014.

The competition is held among students of educational institutions SCHMR.

The work must be a composition/essay according to the considered material in the curriculum. It should:

- define its stance on the promotion of healthy and safe lifestyle

- to talk about the readiness of citizens to defend the Fatherland, the preservation and development of glorious combat and labor traditions.

For the results of the Competition formed a contest Committee consisting of teachers of educational institutions and Administration MAUK SCHMR "Shchelkovo Drama theatre".

The competition Commission in the period until 13 may 2014 determines the best work. The decision is made by majority of votes, the vote of the Chairman of the tender Commission is decisive.

The winners are awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes from MAUK SCHMR "Shchelkovo drama theatre".

The best materials will be published on the website "Shchelkovo Drama theatre": www.my-theater.ru


  The action plan in the framework of the Program:

03.04.2014-15.04.2014 – anti-drug play "I choose life..."

16.04.2014-30.04.2014 – Concert-drama "to live!.."

03.04.2014-30.04.2014 – a high school essay Contest "the Right decision".

13.05.2014 – the results of the contest.


   The Objectives Of The Programme

Reducing non-medical use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

The decrease in the level of crimes and offenses related to trafficking of narcotic drugs, psychotropic, potent.

Increasing the level of military-Patriotic education of youth.

The formation and development of personality with the qualities of a citizen-patriot of the Motherland.

The formation of the youth of high Patriotic consciousness, feelings of loyalty to the Fatherland, readiness for performance of civic duty and constitutional duty to protect the interests of the Motherland.

3 APR 2014 the Birthday of the Director of Shchelkovo Drama theatre - Pogodina Svetlana Ivanovna.


On this day the delegation from the city of Shchelkovo, Svetlana was in Belarus, in the twin city of Grodno.


Even there, far from home, she, once again, proved himself as a good Director and a competent organizer, taking on a number of functions to carry out several activities, for which the receiving party, expressed her gratitude.


Congratulations, happy birthday, from relatives and friends Svetlana, was able to return home.

Of course, the troupe, not моглf to leave her without a gift. Back at the walls of his theater, the actors met favorite Director Greeting room and the good wishes!

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