Dear friends! 27 Dec artists Shchelkovo drama theatre delighted the kids of our city, incendiary, music, dance, Christmas with a performance of "a Pirate holiday - New Year!". After the performance, the children with great fun taking pictures with characters from fairy tales. The biggest reward is the sparkle and happiness in the eyes of our young viewers. On this day, the theatre presented three plays, two of which gave the children the Head of the city settlement of Shchelkovo Alexander Shalygin! We are waiting for you on this show 28 December at 13.00 and 2 and 3 January at 13.00. During the new year holidays, this show will be able to see and the boys of the village Svetlovsky and Chkalovsky district.

12 Dec artists Shchelkovo drama theater gave the kids of the neighborhood Bogorodskiy wonderful Christmas mood and a trip to a winter Wonderland!

04.12.15 took place on the anniversary of the honored artist of Russia Vladimir Levashov. Headed by artistic Director Svetlana Pogodina, the troupe returned back and heartily congratulated him on the occasion!

1 December on the main square of the city, Schelkovskoe drama theatre held the first new year's celebration. Together with shelkovchanka artists of the theater turned on the lights on a Christmas tree. It's only the beginning! New year to us rushes!!!

November 19 - 21 November 2015 Shchelkovo drama theatre took part in the IV Regional forum of cultural workers of the Shchelkovo municipal district, which was held in camp "young army man". Thank you to our colleagues and friends with these happy and full of bright impressions days!

Dear friends and viewers!
31 October there was held a performance of "Lalka" - the last show that we played at our stage (Pushkina str., 22). Thank you to everyone who came, who rejoiced and suffered with us. Now let's get used to our new address - street 1. ( former KK Slavia). In December see You at our Christmas performances. Follow the news of the theater, participate in contests and come to us! Come to the theatre!

11 years ago, the first of September 2004, militants seized the building of city secondary school No. 1 in Beslan and for three days held in hostages, most of whom were children... We remember! We will not forgive!

June 1, Shchelkovo Drama theatre congratulated the kids of the village Molokovo with the holiday of childhood! Artists came to the guys with the game program "All shades of happiness." Fun contests and games, drawing with crayons on the pavement, incendiary songs and dances with the characters of favorite cartoons and fairy tales did not leave indifferent even the adults. At the end of the holiday everyone got a sweet surprise!

May 30, 2015, in Shchelkovo Drama theatre took place the premiere of "Count Nulin"! "Count Nulin" — a comic poem, which was written by Pushkin in just two mornings of 13 and 14 December 1825, during his exile in Mikhailovskoye. And artists of our theater, led by Director Svetlana Pogodina, then brought it to life! Thanks to the actors and Director, for the work done! The play won the hearts of viewers since the first minutes. Throughout the ceremonies the hall was full of laughter and smiles! It's a fitting end to the theatre season !

May 16, in the framework of the action "Night of museums", Shchelkovo Drama theatre takel directly involved in the Museum life of our city. Theatrical performance dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the great Victory, performed by artists of our theatre is appreciated by those who came in Shchelkovsky history Museum. The residents of our city for a few minutes turned out to witness the last days of the war and the postwar period in the city. And exciting quiz helped to find answers to questions about the history of our city.

The first international children's festival of sport and art was held on 16 may 2015 in Monino. The festival was attended by pupils of schools of shchyolkovsky district, as well as the guys from Khimki and Donetsk people's Republic. Guests of the festival were representatives of the German town of Hemer. Shchelkovo Drama theatre organized and hosted the creative part of the festival.

May 9, 2015 Shchelkovo Drama theatre with great pride participated in the events dedicated to the celebration of our great Victory!

On 7 may, the eve of the 70th anniversary of the great Probity, Schelkovskoe Drama theatre and the Studio "Hello" in Shchelkovo Drama theatre, he organized and held a festive concert dedicated to this significant event in the history of our country!

In Molokovo village Leninskiy district Schelkovskoe Drama theatre invited this spring for the second time. In April, high school students watched anti-drug play "I choose life!..", and 5 may 2015 Shchelkovo theater brought to the village concert-drama, "to live!..", dedicated to the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945.

22 April 2015 Shchelkovsky history Museum opened an exhibit dedicated to the heroic feat of the Soviet people during the great Patriotic war. At the opening of the exhibition was attended by representatives of the district Administration, the Board of deputies, public organizations, Schelkovskoe deanery, veterans of the great Patriotic war and workers of rear. Artists Shchelkovo Drama theatre performed in front of the Museum with a short presentation.

18 April 2015, on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the great Victory, on the stage of the Shchelkovo Drama theatre took place the premiere of performance "Skein"! Thanks to the Director and actors for professional work!

Director and artistic Director of Shchelkovo Drama theatre Svetlana Pogodina, was awarded a letter of thanks from the Governor of the Moscow region at the solemn event dedicated to Day of culture, held in the Provincial theatre in Moscow. The Minister of culture of Moscow region handed over letters of Gratitude and Honorary diplomas to the best workers of culture of Moscow region.

From 25 to 27 March on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the great Victory in the hero-city of Tula hosted the inter-regional stage of all-Russian festival of folk art "Victory salute". The Ministry of culture of Moscow region it was decided to send to the festival "Shchelkovo Drama theatre". The theater showed the participants of the festival and the esteemed jury members of the concert-drama, "to live!.."

On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the great Victory of the Shchelkovo Drama theatre announces a photo contest on military subjects among pupils of 5-11 classes visited the play "to live!.." Photographs submitted to the competition may be both color and black and white. The contest can be represented by various genres of photography: portrait, landscape, photomontage, photo collage, etc. please Send your works to the email of the theatre This email address is protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it. To familiarize with position about the competition below.

10.03.2015 - 31.03.2015 – Delivery of works to the competition.

01.04. 2015 - 30.04.2015 – voting in the group "Shelkovsky Drama theatre" Vkontakte.

May 2015 - Summarizing of competition and rewarding of winners.



Position about the competition "We are loyal to this memory..."

1. General provisions.

1.1. The present regulation on the holding of the creative contest "Victory Day" (further - Competition) determines the order of organizing and conducting the Competition, criteria of selection, participants, procedure of rewarding of winners and prize-winners.

1.2. The contest organizers are the Municipal Autonomous institution of culture of the Shchelkovo municipal district "Shchelkovo Drama theatre" and the Committee on education of the Shchelkovo municipal area.

1.3. Responsible for the preparation and conduct of the Contest assumes MAUK SCHMR "Shchelkovo Drama theatre"

2. The goals and objectives of the Competition.

2.1. Preserving the memory of the events of the great Patriotic war;

2.2 Attracting public attention to the situation of participants of the great Patriotic war;

2.3 Spiritual, moral, Patriotic and artistic education of youth, increase their social activity and civil liability;

2.4 strengthening the spiritual connection between people of different generations;

2.5 Cultural and humanitarian education, development of creative abilities of youth and pupils of the Shchelkovo municipal area

2.6 Identify and support talented writers working in the genre of art and documentary photography;

2.7 creating the conditions for public presentation of youth creativity;

2.8 to promote photography as an art form.

3. The Participants Of The Competition.

3.1. To participate in the competition allowed students of 5-10 grade of secondary schools of the Shchelkovo municipal district, attended the play "to live!.." in Shchelkovo Drama theatre.

4. The conditions, procedure and terms of Competition.

4.1. Photos are accepted via e-mail This email address is protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it. .

4.2. To photography needed a NAME coined by the author and REVIEW;


4.3. Name, email address, telephone number of the party, the ticket of the play "to live!..";

4.4. The number of school and class.


4.5. In the photos, with captions can't participate in the project;

5. The procedure of organization and holding of the Contest.

5.1. One participant can submit maximum 3 photos;

5.2. The project organizers reserve the right to select photos that are able to participate in the project, and to determine the nomination of the photo;

5.3. Participant cannot remove/replace a photo once it is approved by moderator;
5.4. The project winners will be determined by the jury by secret ballot;

5.5. Work will only be accepted from contributors or their authorized representatives;

5.6. Allowed editing and photo processing, photo collages;

5.7. In the competition can take part as a series of pictures and solitary work;

5.8. The timing of the intake photos up to 01 APR 2015


5.9. The Competition does not accept works containing elements of violence, racial, national or religious intolerance, as well as photographs of the Nude.


5.10. Submitted materials that do not meet the requirements of this Provision are not permitted and are rejected on formal grounds. The organizing Committee does not comment on the rejection of applications.

6. The contract for alienation of exclusive rights to the Work.

6.1. Filling and submitting the application for participation in the contest, the Author consents to the publication of a Work, and concludes with the Organizer the Contract on alienation of exclusive rights in a Work under the following conditions:

6.1.1. The author transfers to the Organiser the exclusive right to creative work, declare to participate in the contest in full and also donates the organizer the right of ownership on file with the Artwork.

6.1.2. The author transfers to the Organiser the exclusive right to the Work in any form or by any means, including the right:

- distribute copies of the Work by any means and circulation;
- to import copies of the Work for distribution;
- publicly display the Work

-to inform about the competition, different types of publications in the media

- to reproduce in publications devoted to the contest,

- use the souvenir, advertising and printed materials associated with the project, including posters, banners project, an official group of the organizer of the contest Vkontakte, Twitter and Facebook, etc., as well as illustrations for content organizer, posted on the website or in printed publications.

6.2. The non-acceptance of the terms of the copyright agreement set forth in clause 6.1 hereof shall be deemed a breach of the conditions of the application and shall refuse to admit the creative work to participation in the Competition and rejection on formal grounds in accordance with clause 5.10. hereof.

6.3. Contest participants are responsible for:

- violation of the requirements for the accuracy of the information, specified in the order;

- failure to observe the conditions, rules and procedures established by these provisions.

- conformity of the content of the competition work to the goals and objectives of the competition.

- originality, originality of approach to the development of the theme of the work.

- compositional solution.

- artistic and emotional impact.

- technical complexity.

7. Summing up and rewarding of winners.

7.1. The winners and laureates of the Contest are awarded with diplomas and prizes in person at the scene "Schelkovskaya Drama theatre".

7.2. The winners are determined by results of secret ballot the members of the jury, composed of representatives of:

1. "Shchelkovsky Drama theatre.

2. Of the Committee on education of Administration of the Shchelkovo Municipal area

3. Committee for culture of the Shchelkovo municipal area

4. The head of the Shchelkovo municipal area


7.3. The winning authors for the work which receives the highest number of people.

7.4.The organizing Committee may establish Special prizes for the promotion of original works that do not comply in form nor one of the categories, as well as for the promotion of other works marked by the jury's decision.

7.5. Shchelkovo Drama theatre also establishes a special prize, the audience award! This will create a group VKONTAKTE, which will be published work that will participate in the photo contest "We are loyal to this memory...". All works will be selected by moderators. The prize in this category will receive the participant with the highest number of votes up to may 01, 10:00 PM.

7.6. Lists of winners will be published on the website at the following address:

8. Information about the Organizer.

8.1. The organizer of the Contest is located at the address: Schelkovo, Pushkin str., 22.

8.2. Official channel for the dissemination of information about the competition is the website of the Shchelkovo Drama theatre at the address:

8.3. For further information contact the organizing Committee by phone :

8-985-827-10-37 or email This email address is protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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