That brings me to the end of the open regional festival-competition of theatrical art "Theatrical spring of the Moscow region".

For three competition days his work showed more than twenty groups from different cities of the Moscow region.

The contest was held in three age categories:

Junior - 7-12 years.
the average age group is 13-18 years.
senior - 19 years old and over.

The festival participants demonstrated their skill and talent, were able to participate in master classes, share experiences and to obtain evaluation and invaluable guidance of highly respected jury. And on March 25 at 12:00, solemn closing and rewarding of teams-winners!

The results of the festival-contest:

The winner of 1 degree in the nomination "Drama" Theatrical group "Golden dandelion"
- Winner of 2 degrees in the nomination "Drama" Theatrical group "Art-Ko"
- The winner of 3 degrees in the nomination "the Drama" Theater ensemble "Suzirya"
The WINNER of 1 degree IN the NOMINATION "MUSICAL PERFORMANCE" Musical theatre "Beans"

Average age category
- Laureate of the 1st degree IN the NOMINATION "MUSICAL-DRAMATIC COMPOSITION" Youth theater "Debut"
- Laureate of the 1st degree IN the NOMINATION "DRAMA" Theatrical group "TRUNK TALES"

- Laureate of the 1st degree IN the NOMINATION "DRAMA" Children's creative laboratory "Hello", the group "Courage"
- Laureate of the 1st degree IN the NOMINATION "MUSICAL PERFORMANCE" people's collective "Courage"
- Laureate of the 2nd degree IN the NOMINATION "MUSICAL PERFORMANCE" Theatre group "the Rise"

The best performance of the festival "About Fedot-Archer daring fellow" national group "Kurazh"

Very beautiful, reverent, kind program, "Love never ceases" graced Saturday night Theatre-concert center "Shchelkovo theatre".

This is a new project Shchelkovo theatre was possible through the combined creative efforts of the troupe and a brass band. All night the live music was poetry..., poems..., poems..

28 Dec in Shchelkovo theatre has hosted the pre-premiere show of "Night of miracles" based on the fairy tale "the Nutcracker and the mouse king". This year our main theater critics were Studio children's creative laboratory "HELLO" in Shchelkovo theatre and dance Department at children's school of arts.Yu.Rozum. The smiles, the laughter and applause of our young audience is the main proof of success! The premiere took place!

The third theatrical premiere of the fifth season was an immense success at TCC "Shchelkovo theatre". The smiles, the laughter and applause of the spectators - the highest appreciation of the work done!

23 Sep TKTS"Shchelkovo theatre" greeted the small audience with a premiere of "Masha+Misha" on motives of Russian fairy tale "Masha and the Bear". The severity of the reaction, the vividness, the emotions of children and the applause... the Theater has on children a lasting impression. A riot of colors and acting will not leave anyone indifferent, especially our youngest and most loyal spectators.Theatre gives children a lot of fun, brings a lot of joy! Come to the theatre!

17 Sep theatrical-concert center "Shchelkovo" theater reopened its doors to the connoisseurs of dramatic art. We opened the V theater season 2017-2018 performing "Love – book Golden" on the play by A. Tolstoy. The audience who came tonight for the Grand opening of the season, were able to plunge into the historical era is already in the theater lobby. A sea of flowers, applause and shouts of "Bravo!" our viewers have an indication of the high professional level. Thanks to all who in this important day was near!

Happy birthday, beloved city!

Day of the city, perhaps one of the most favorite holidays for residents. But for the organizers of this festival is one of the most important and troublesome, it is important to provide every detail and take into account a lot of nuances. So how do you organize a holidayto remember the residents and brought a lot of impressions and positive emotions?

Holiday decoration, traditionally, was the festival of wind orchestras of Moscow and Moscow region "Shchelkovo fanfare"!

The Central event was the opening of the new pedestrian area of the street Park. The artists of the theater and concert centre has made every effort for all residents and guests of our city spent the day in a good mood and everyone found something fun to do. For younger guests street Park was prepared animation programs, children's drawing competition, bubble show, photo zone "visiting Cipollino", a flash mob of puppets "Sparrow disco", and more adult movie Coward, Bobby and Experienced held a rousing master class on twist and a game of dominoes, fun quiz with unexpected prizes. The Hatter and the legendary Charlie Chaplin, charming lady-theatre and French mimes, a parade of stilt-walkers and many other events attracted the attention of strolling in and updated already so loved by the residents of the "Street of Joy".

20 may 2017 in the framework of the action "Night of museums" in front Shchelkovsky history Museum was held a theatrical performance "the Turbulent XX century", which was prepared by the artists TKTS" Shchelkovo theatre" and pupils of children's creative laboratory under the leadership of artistic Director Svetlana Pogodina.

4 may on the eve of "Victory Day" in Shchelkovo theatre hosted the final, in this year, the performances of the program "From books to the theater." Students Shchelkovo watched "Vasily Terkin"! I want to sum up: for the academic year by the program "From books to the theater," the chief Director of the theater Shchelkovo Pogodina Svetlana Ivanovna was delivered 5 new performances!!!! The theatre was visited by more than 6000 students!!!! This program is an invaluable contribution to the development of moral, spiritual and Patriotic qualities of the younger generation!!!!

In the framework of the program "From books to theatre" TKTS "Shchelkovo theater" showed the students the dramatized program "the stories of Anton Chekhov"

Chekhov's stories reached the highest point of recognition: they are included in the curriculum, suggested readings for children and adolescents.

The task of the Director and actors is the formation of young generation love and respect for the cultural history of his native land and the connection of literature with life . To enhance the educational, moral and aesthetic effects of literature on students it is important to develop their creative imagination, the ability to see and represent the author painted images and patterns, empathize with the hero and author of the work, create the ability to perceive and analyze social, moral, and aesthetic content of literary works, to interpret the motives and consequences of characters ' actions.

We are confident that the programme will contribute to:

  • To ensure spiritual and moral unity of the people.
  • Raising an emotionally significant relationship to literature and the theatre.
  • The development of the sustained interest in various forms of creative works.
  • The revival of true spiritual values of the Russian people.
  • The expansion of interest in art, literature, drama, the history of his people.

VI open interregional festival of theatre art "the Play, the Actor!" started in children's health and education center "young army men" on March 23.

It was attended by children's Studio and youth theater groups in the suburbs. As the organizer of this year were made by TCC "Shchelkovo theatre". As well as the performers of the theatre held for the children interesting workshops and prepared enchanting the closing of the festival.

Children's creative laboratory at TCC "Shchelkovo theatre" brought four awards in the nominations: "the Best literary and dramatic composition" - the senior age category, the group "Courage" to play "anti-aircraft gunner"; "the Role of the second plan" - the lion Matviychuk (the role of chief burzhuina) in the play "malchish-Kibalchish" Junior group "Hello"; "Best performance" - Junior age category, group Hello, the play "malchish-Kibalchish"; "Best actress" Eva Nevzorov (the role of Masha's daughter) in the play "a Favorite toy", the younger age category, a group of "Our world's a stage!".

It was an unforgettable four days! Thank you!

In the Theatrical-concert center "Shchelkovo theater" ended in the XVIII district festival of theatre art "Theatrical spring-2017".

This time the competition was attended by 29 teams and studios from Shchelkovo district. We congratulate the winners on their well-deserved awards!

16 Feb 2017года, in the framework of the program "From books to the theater," more than 500 students in our town and area got acquainted with the works of Mikhail Zoshchenko. This is not the last meeting of students with the great writers on the stage of the theatrical-concert center "Shchelkovo theatre".

In the Christmas holidays Shchelkovo theatre showed the premiere of new year's performance-tale "We meet New year"!
New production of theater Director Svetlana Pogodina contains a fascinating story, filled with songs performed by the heroes of fairy tales - the snow Maiden, Baba Yaga and other equally colorful characters. The tale is modern, but, as usual in this literary genre teaches children core values - kindness, compassion, intolerance to cheating. The happy ending of a young New year miracle is selected from the lair of Baba Yaga and finds Santa Claus, which must congratulate children with the holiday.

8 Jan theatre concert center "Shchelkovo theatre" completed the Christmas marathon with a performance of "a Pirate holiday – New Year!". In these festive days we showed the residents of the city and district more than 15 performances. Almost 3,000 people attended our events. Thank you, the audience, shining eyes and warm words of gratitude! We were glad to see you on our performances!!!!

January 6 was held the final of the competition "the Best letter to Santa Claus -2017". This year the competition received more than 300 letters. In the letters, the children told about their main actions in the past year, and of course, talked about their desires.

"We tried to meet the wishes of the children bought a large part of what they asked, - has summed up the results of the contest the Director of the theater-concert center "Shchelkovo theatre" Tatiana Ershova. Lots of letters came without a return address, which did not allow us to find the letter's authors. Those who have fulfilled all the conditions of the contest, we invited to us in the theater at the ceremonial presentation of gifts."
Toys the kids gave Santa Claus, snow maiden and fairy Snowmen. Gifts for the best Christmas letter we got 60 kids.

Dear friends! Our dear viewers! Congratulations everyone on the opening of the new theatre season! 12 November 2016, we opened the season with a rousing Comedy by R. Cooney "He, she, window and..." the Troupe of the theater-concert center "Shchelkovo theatre" continues to work for you, our esteemed viewers, for your happy eyes, for your laughter and tears, and without you our existence would have no meaning! A new season is always new ideas, new events, new hopes. See you at our performances!

The action "Night of museums" was held in Shchelkovsky history Museum! In the framework of the exhibition "Grandmother's legacy. What is measured by love?" visitors saw a theatrical performance on the theme "the Subtle smoke of memories", prepared jointly with the artists Shchelkovo theatre.

23 APR premiere children's play "the Vegetable cabaret" based on the tale by Gianni Rodari "the adventures Chipollino"!

29 March to 1 April in children's health and education center "young army men" Shchelkovsky municipal district passed the V Open international festival of theatre art "the Play, actor!". The opening ceremony began with a theatrical production performed by artists of the Shchelkovo drama theatre.

March 26 and 27 TCC "Shchelkovo theater" was an open regional competition of theatre art "Theatrical spring 2016". Children's creative laboratory at the Shchelkovo theatre group "Our world is a Theatre!" was awarded by the jury in the nomination "debut" as the best! The children showed the play-tale "the Mysterious story!

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