There are spenders. There are savers. And then, there are cheapskates. Extreme Cheapskates is a new show on the TLC network that showcases the incredible — and often questionable — measures some people will take to save money. Often, these measures place them at odds with friends and family who have grown weary of their extreme cost-cutting tricks. But how can you change your mindset from one to the other? Try this: think of a way you spend every day — like morning coffee or an afternoon snack from the vending machine. Simply visit StillTasty. And legal, too!

Extreme Savers: College Students Embrace Cheapskate Mentality

My Extreme Cheapskates episode is airing tonight Wednesday Nov 20! I’m so excited! I’m so scared. I’m so scared …frankly, I feel like Rapunzel in Tangled and don’t know what to feel. Bubba is out of town so I’ll be watching it all by myself.

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The difference is that Thomasen doesn’t pay for any of it. The ultimate college cheapskate , Thomasen is on a mission to eat free for an entire year. Every day he checks a Facebook page that lists all of the events on campus offering free food. A gesture of good will from the class of means a free breakfast for Thomason. From lectures to study breaks, the campus is overflowing with events that have free grub, he explains.

His system seems to be working. The last time Thomason spent money on food was in August. They may be right. One of Thomason’s staples for free food is the fridge at the campus YMCA, where students leave food they don’t want. Some of the items are inarguably iffy. I think that’s another thing we don’t realize. A lot of these are ‘sell by’ as opposed to ‘eat by,’ so they’re still good for a couple days afterward,” he said.

The untold truth of Extreme Cheapskates

It features people who go to extreme measures in order to save money. These people bring the meaning of frugal to a new height. Most of the practices shown are not what I would be willing to do in my own life. Over here, it is almost certain that you will only find rotten food inside a thrash can. In our hot and humid weather, food does not last long without proper refrigeration.

Have you ever watched the TLC show “Extreme Cheapskates? to join numerous dating sites to prove, obviously, that she’s such a cheapskate that she and Vacations: A Frugal Lady’s Guide For Finding Great Deals Online.

America’s most extreme penny pinchers return to TLC for a second season of dumpster diving, excessive recycling and strict budgeting. Extreme Cheapskates follows the lives of people who go to remarkable lengths to save money for themselves and their families. These individuals look for creative ways to cut costs by any means necessary—from dumpster diving to excessive recycling and strict budgeting.

Couples featured go as far as to share dental floss and a single toothbrush. These penny pinchers will stop at nothing to spend nothing – including eating food destined for the trash and even reusing toilet wipes. Read more. It has a so-so rating on IMDb: 5.

TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates live viewing and Q&A!

The reality show profiled people who weren’t just stingy, but those who went to ridiculous lengths to save a penny or two. According to the network’s announcement , the show “explores the frugal world of a group of individuals who are constantly searching for unique ways to cut costs by any means necessary. Surprisingly, there’s still plenty about the TLC hit that viewers didn’t see on the small screen.

The special focused on four people who took their passion for penny-pinching to bizarre lengths, including a guy who “unabashedly takes home other people’s leftovers at his local restaurant, and goes dumpster diving to find an anniversary gift for his wife.

19 Money-Saving “Hacks” From “Extreme Cheapskates” That’ll Leave You Either Impressed Or 15 People Who Didn’t Receive What They Ordered Online Years ago, I was set up on a blind date through a coworker.

Travelling or based outside United States? Video availability outside of United States varies. Sign in to see videos available to you. Close Menu. Reusing funeral flowers for a date, redoing bedrooms with used hotel sheets, buying thrift store lingerie, or planning vow renewals for almost nothing, Extreme Cheapskates Guide To Love shows that love doesn’t have to cost a thing.

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Exclusive Clip: ‘Extreme Cheapskate’ Ruins Date

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This is a list of television programs broadcast by the U.S. cable television channel Discovery Title, Premiere date (); Extreme Cheapskates (); Extreme Couponing (–16); Extreme Engineering: Big Reveals https://www​; ^ “Discovery Family.

For example, Melody catches rainwater in a bucket for laundry and does the laundry in a washtub with a plunger. She make her own laundry detergent and fabric softener. The program already has been taped and will air Nov. Gravitt was born and raised in Enid and graduated high school in The first day, they filmed for 15 hours, and the second day, for 13 hours. It took 27 takes of spinning a quarter and slamming it down with my hand. There was 40 hours of filming for a minute segment on the program.

The program filmed at the local library — which opened just for them — and at a local grocery store. They also brought a script for Gravitt and her family to follow. She said 90 percent of the things they said are not true. She has talked with the producers since that time, and they told her that if it does well when it airs, she could get her own show.

Her blog receives , hits per week on Facebook, Twitter and Pentra. Most of the hits come from Facebook. Since she started the blog, Gravitt has been asked by national companies to review their products, and she is able to keep the products.

Extreme Cheapskates

Extreme Cheapskates. Stream now. Guide to Love.

The inaugural season of TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates last year featured Make sure your insurance company has up-to-date information. Stream your music online with programs such as Songza instead of buying albums.

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What We Can Learn from TLC’s “Extreme Cheapskates”

I was eager to see the show as the highlights from the commercial had me very intrigued. The show follows the lives of proud and happy cheapskates who show viewers how they save money every year by taking thriftiness to another level. For example, Jeff and his wife would practice what they call a ‘fiscal fast’ that restricts them from spending a single cent the entire week; instead they are to use all that is in their fridge and cupboards.

The ultimate college cheapskate, Thomasen is on a mission to eat free for an entire year. “The expiration dates help, and I usually do the smell test. was featured in “Cheapster,” an online reality contest where Zions Bank.

These penny pinchers will go to extraordinary and sometimes gross lengths to save money. Courtesy TLC. Picture: Supplied Source:Supplied. WHAT would you do to save a few bucks? What about peeing in a bottle to avoid flushing the toilet, therefore saving a few cents? Extreme Cheapskates is an eye-opening reality show from the United States that airs on Foxtel and chronicles the lives of people who are obsessed about saving money. Instead of flushing her number ones, she stores them in a container next to her loo.

Time starts now Angela and her two daughters each shower only two days per week for 10 minutes max. Angela and her two teenage daughters have a roster for showering, which gives each of them two days per week — and 10 minutes max — to bathe. Sharing is caring Apple enlists her friends to give her their breast milk for her daughter to drink, to save money on formula.

She saves more money by not buying baby wipes. Instead, she recycles her homemade wet wipes and uses those.

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