Provides detailed timing information about the execution of individual components in a search request. The Profile API gives the user insight into how search requests are executed at a low level so that the user can understand why certain requests are slow, and take steps to improve them. The output from the Profile API is very verbose, especially for complicated requests executed across many shards. Pretty-printing the response is recommended to help understand the output. Setting the top-level profile parameter to true will enable profiling for the search. Even for a simple query, the response is relatively complicated. A profile is returned for each shard that participated in the response, and is identified by a unique ID. Because a search request may be executed against one or more shards in an index, and a search may cover one or more indices, the top level element in the profile response is an array of shard objects.

rewrite my dating profile

When people ask my wife and I how we met, we tell them it was through an online dating service. And then we both laugh. However, because I moved around the country and worked a lot of hours, as the new guy in town, it really ended up being the most practical option. When it came time to create my dating profile I put an exorbitant amount of thought into it. This first attempt, I felt was pretty good.

Apparently no one based on the results which yielded not one iota of interest.

The trouble is she can’t even get a second date. Serial First Dater – The Rewrite My collection of mini stories with a big dose of all kinds of love. toy seller Nina Cox opens a dating profile to comply with her family’s dare to go on ten dates.

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The process we have developed is built to bring you maximum value — it is not just about rewriting your resume and LinkedIn profile. The work we do together will help you gain greater clarity and focus to what makes you a unique candidate — and help you then speak to those points with confidence in future conversations or interviews. Our goal is to help you develop and sell your personal branding message — to better tell your unique story, and stand out in today’s competitive job search market.

If I have my ECBA™ and would like to pursue the CCBA® designation similarly, if I have the CCBA® To qualify, courses must also be completed by the application submitted date and have a start date within the last four How do I request a refund of my exam or exam rewrite fee? When will my profile be updated?

I agree to receive Information Age. I declare that I have read, understood and agree to the ACS Privacy Policy and consent to my personal information being collected, held and processed for the purposes outlined in that policy. Print article. In what will likely be joyful news for non-writers around the world, Microsoft has unveiled a new tool that will rewrite and improve whole sentences using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Users could highlight a poorly worded fragment of text, right click and pick the Rewrite option, which would suggest better phrasing using artificial intelligence. Microsoft has now revealed a significant update to this feature, with it now being able to edit and improve whole sentences. It can improve fluency with a focus mainly on grammar and spelling; concise phrasing to help express an idea clearly with fewer words; and improve readability to assist readers with different reading abilities.

This will often lead to shorter and more simple wording. Depending on how effective the sentence is already, users may only see some of the options, or none at all. Microsoft is now seeking user feedback on the tool and its suggestions. Rewrite Suggestions is currently only available for users of Word on web browsers, and requires a Microsoft or Office subscription.

The unveiling of the tool puts Microsoft now in direct competition with other similar tools such as Grammarly.

A Sexologist, a Comedian and a Woman on a ‘Man Fast’ Rewrite the Rules of Dating

You can view details for commits from your profile’s timeline. If you don’t see commits you expect on your profile or can’t find commit details from your profile page, the commit date and the commit author date may be different. Want to learn about new docs features and updates? Sign up for updates!

Document Up to Date Simple URL rewrite rules per site can be done through Crafter Engine. In the My Recent Activity widget, check the box next to the file, and click Approve & Publish from the context nav to publish.

Dating sucks. But some scientists think the solution might be written in our DNA. Many accused him of promoting eugenics and trying to wipe out people with disabilities. Given the prevalence of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, it makes sense that services — DNA-based dieting , anyone? Look, you came to this site because you saw something cool. This site is actually a daily email that covers the important news in business, tech, and culture.

How To Actually Ask Someone Out On Tinder

Get real-time answers to common questions about AU, including fees, admissions, courses, programs, transcripts, and exams. If you are not satisfied with your initial examination mark, you may request one supplemental exam for each midterm or final exam taken. Supplemental exams must be requested within 90 days of the original exam write date, regardless of your contract date, and must be written within 30 days of the request.

Be sure to submit your request early enough to give Exam Services adequate time to process your request: 20 days for students in Canada and the US; 30 days for international students.

Is your online dating profile not getting the job done? A tweak or rewrite could make a huge difference. After a fulfilling corporate career, I now fill my days with family, friends, tennis, working out, and volunteering.

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Realising there was an opportunity for the company she worked for to better leverage digital content, Clarissa Bloom took an idea to her boss and has now undergone a comprehensive job role overhaul off the back of it. I was the content executive for Procoal, largely writing content for the product packaging and ads. However, that has now shrunk to 20 per cent of my time. I love it when a company is open to creativity from their staff.

Submit the invoice under My Profile >> CPA Account to the employer for payment​. Full Module Registration, Exam Only Registration (Rewrite/Challenge Exams)​, CFE Date withdrawal is completed through the portal, Financial Penalty.

You need to ensure your LinkedIn profile is found when users search for your skill sets and that it makes an impact, setting you apart from the competition. When written strategically, your LinkedIn profile becomes your opportunity to engage with your audience and build your professional brand. LinkedIn is an incredible asset to your professional and business development.

Get Started Today! Since , Donna has helped executives, entrepreneurs, sales stars, business leaders, and professionals from around the world create professionally branded LinkedIn profiles. Now with over 40 LinkedIn profile writers and professional brand experts on her team, we will work directly with you to make sure your unique LinkedIn profile is optimized so that you can impress your network and achieve your goals.

Stand out from the crowd with a LinkedIn profile that positions you as an expert in your industry and markets you as someone who deserves to be noticed! Have you been wondering how to write a LinkedIn Profile?

How to Write the Ultimate Online Dating Profile