Victoria G.

Gudovich Viktoriya Vladimirovna

Date of birth: 06.09.1987

In the team since 2006

Plays and roles:

  • "Play Zoshchenko" - pioneer
  • "Very simple story" on the play by Maria Lado – pig, angel
  • "I choose life" - a social statement of the author Pogodina Svetlana Ivanovna - the person
  • The "lizistrata" on the play by Leonid Filatov – woman Comedy
  • "Dog," the play by Faith Kopylova – Ju-Ju
  • "Gentlemen, comrades, ladies and bastards" on the play by Victor Lyapin:
  • Milf with binoculars mother
  • "Knock,knock, who's there?" Mikhail Bartenev kid – enticing
  • "New year coloring" - Longing
  • "To live" - author and Director Svetlana Pogodina
  • "Jolly Roger" - The Kokshe
  • "Who invented New year?" - Vasilisa The Wise
  • "Lalka" - Marusya
  • "Count Nulin" - yard

Personal awards and Acknowledgements:

  • 2009. Regional festival "Theatre spring" Shchelkovsky municipal district. The performance of "Lizistrata" on the play by Leonid Filatov - Best actress La;
  • 2011. Regional festival in Moscow region g. Ivanteevka. The play "Dogs" on the play of Faith Kopylova– noted letter expressing admiration, from the friendly team from Klin for the role of "Ju-Ju".
  • 2011. International Amateur theatre festival "the black sea extravaganza", the Grand Prix of the festival. The play "Dogs" on the play of Faith Kopylova is the best female role "Ju-Ju".


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