Pavel Markin

Markin Pavel Vladimirovich

Date of birth: 15.01.1985

In the team since 2003.

Plays and roles:

  • "The ballad of the anti-aircraft gunner" on poems by Robert Rozhdestvensky
  • "The good person of Sichuan" - the police
  • "Very simple story" on the play by Maria Lado - owner
  • "Upside down" tree
  • "I choose life" - a social statement of the author Pogodina Svetlana - addict
  • The "lizistrata" on the play by Leonid Filatov – man, the leader
  • "Dog," the play by Faith Kopylova - black
  • "Gentlemen, comrades, ladies and bastards" on the play by Victor Lyapin – light
  • "Knock,knock, who's there?" Mikhail Bartenev – The Wolf
  • "Christmas coloring" Snowman
  • "To live" - author and Director Svetlana Pogodina
  • Jolly Roger - young Wolf
  • "Who invented New year?" Moronic, Morozko, Father Frost
  • "Lalka" soldiers of Timah
  • "Count Nulin" - Picard (servant to the count)
  • "A pirate holiday, Santa Claus
  • "Vegetable mix" - Prince Lemon
  • "He, she, window and..." - George Pigden
  • "Love - book Golden" - Zavalishin
  • "Masha+Misha" The Bear Misha

Personal awards and Acknowledgements:

  • Letter of commendation from the Board of deputies Shchelkovo municipal district "Theatrical spring" 2008 – "Best acting job"

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