"Knock, knock, who's there?"


M. Bartenev, "knock, knock, who's there?". A tale in the style of jazz.

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Every child knows the tale "the wolf and the seven little kids" seemed, what can be new? But, Schelkovskoe drama theatre, moved the action from the fairy forest to the streets of the mysterious city of Chicago, where the lights, the skyscrapers, the noise of the streets, and of course, music – the good old jazz.

In the life of a young, cute and indecisive Wolf raises the dilemma: "are there goats?" In search of an answer, the Wolf gets into a lot of unexpected, funny situations, accompanied by great music. And, of course, can not do without love... What will end this extraordinary adventure - the audience will learn only at the end of the play! Rest assured - you will find many surprises.






the kid benny

kid mania




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