"Life is full of fun!.."

Recklessness - what is it? Friend or my enemy? What "fun" does not throws me the old fate... And life encourages, grinning: "Come on! Look for the exit! To solve the problem! Don't worry! Make your choice!.." And if I accept this challenge with a smile and gratitude, so my life is filled to the brim and I go on... And there is still so much new and sometimes scary from the suspense... But I still raised his head, looking high into the sky, open arms, as though embracing the whole world and shout his fate: "Well, come on! I accept your challenge with pleasure! I just need what you send me! I'm ready for your "fun"! I am willing to be reckless, if that's what you require!" After all, this is life and it goes on...


1 scene - "Hollywood Marines"

Scene 2 - "Music of love"

Scene 3 - "Orchestra"

Scene 4 - "And we have in the yard..."

Scene 5 - "Reflection"

Scene 6 - "dance floor"

7 scene - "People dolls"

Scene 8 - "Miracles are not for sale..."


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