"I choose life"

The author and Director Sergei Pogodin, the genre of the play "dialogue with the audience", carries in itself the necessity of direct appeals to the students (12+) from the stage scaffolding, supported by facts and documentary video next direct relevance to the terrible consequences of drug use.
The task of the actors and the Director to convey to the viewer the horror and fear of a man caught in the dependence of this plague. When writing the play, the author consulted with specialists (doctors, representatives of law enforcement bodies) that would, God forbid, not to harm or distort the information. Shock and fear are feelings experienced by the audience at the end of the play. The bottom line: stay away from dubious companies, places of distribution and use of drugs. To plan for the future, rejoice in the passing day, to study, to raise children, to be implemented.
This performance can take place not only on the theatrical stage, but on the grounds of schools and clubs in the district. Our theater came out with a proposal of conducting a tour in the Moscow region for the mandatory viewing of this performance.



the mother of a drug addict



The doctor the psychiatrist

The judge

residents of the city

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