Story from Irene Brain

    The history of Irina's Brain, Actresses Shchelkovo Drama theatre.

    In the years when we were still Youth theater, but staged performances in our small hall in the Palace of culture, was curious and not quite a simple case, when the actor couldn't make it to the show. We put then a story where he played the Role of a brownie ... so what to do? before the performance a few minutes, the second part was not, it was necessary to get out somehow,not to cancel the show.... The whole burden of responsibility took on Svetlana, as a Director and leader of the team.

    I had to quickly find another outfit, consider a image of... well, we have Golovoseka..)) the Beginning of the play and between all the scenes of the play was Golovoseka.. and here,as ever, is backstage trembling excitement.. opens the curtain goes Svetlana.. well kiddies asks the question: did You recognize me? the kids respond in unison:"Not-e-e-e-e-e-t"... behind the scenes the situation is tense, as always, the answer was totally different. Svetlana is brilliant, he got out, the kids got the pleasure of meeting with a new character. Of course now we recall this story with a laugh, because we understand that domovenok Kuzya known to any child, but with domovenkom "by Sveta" they met for the first time!))) the show went great, and he will long remain in our memories!)))

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