The story of Paul Markin

    The story of Pavel Markin, actor Shchelkovo Drama theatre.

    Ehhhh... sorry for the intonation cannot be transferred through the comments, and that would be the story about the "see out" would be a ride. Okay... remember to very simple the history of... Rehearsal of the last scene of the 1st act. The owner (tobish I) takes the pig on a rope next to her sootwetstwu to kill.
    All the animals on stage are happy, thinking that the pig are walking, tough running after the master, behind the scenes, hear the pigs squeal... the Big man returned acidly. A dialogue begins: stalwart:"There master.... master...", the cow: "What master?", pause... tough guy:"a pig... a pig our...", in short killed... As it was at the rehearsal: there Is all this action, runs krepyshi:"There's the master... the master...", the cow:"What master?" pause...and then creaked open the door and there hung the host on the very rope which dragged a pig))) all on stage and in the audience gogochut, not excluding the Director))) there were also wareenty with dumped the corpse out the door evil master tochal knives in a door, etc. at some time kicked from Svetlana Ivanovna received))))

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