Story by Alexandra Kostyleva

    Story by Alexandra Kostyleva, actor Shchelkovo even at the time of the Youth theatre
    I propose to start to tell funny stories related to the theater! All of these stories have been well-known, but in our group there are not only real and unwitting participants, but also the people who will probably be interested to know Prada, so to speak, from the horse's mouth! Here is an example!

    Many of you know, and those who don't know, must have heard vaguely, the story of the broken scenery (in the form of a cube) of the play "Dream with the continuation"! Involuntary the reason was that your humble servant! It was like this.

    As it should be:

    The beginning of the middle of the first half of the end of the performance. The scene where the evil sorcerer Nicholas angrily turns his mother into a butterfly. Light red spotlights flood the stage of the huge chair, I stand, a little lower (on that ill-fated cube) is Masha Zubareva, that is my mother on the show. After shedding all the curses I say
    - I'll turn you into a butterfly! Mom you're a butterfly!.. etc Plays a monumental music, ZTM, and then to Nicholas, I mean I realize that I did a terrible thing and I say:
    - Mother, what have I done...
    And run away from the scene.

    As it really is:

    Everything was fine until I had to get down from his chair at the cube and say the most unfortunate phrase. Because I'm an emotional person, so I "played" that I'm not just descended from the chair: I literally fell off! With your weight, I naturally, this cube broke! Moreover, the hem of my long coat in some unimaginable way under the cube, and I have also pressed. His head immediately started to develop an escape plan. And text, damn it, have to say, and the collar on the neck presses! In short, I'm trying to waste time and pulling the cloak from under the cube, I spoke with Mat pauses:
    - Mom... pause ...PAUSE... what ...have I done...

    Behind the scenes:

    Wild and unrestrained laughter!

    In the radio room:

    Svetlana bent in half with laughter.

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