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Today I went to class Shchelkovo Drama theatre. To play, to live." Performance I really liked. I remembered a lot about the Second World war. About the hunger, suffering... All the actors really knew their roles and played them. At the beginning of the show was shown live with a grandfather who fought in World war II. This grandfather is known to me he used to live in my yard. The play was very interesting and informative. Thank you.

Daniel, Schelkovskoe gymnasium

The history of Irina's Brain, Actresses Shchelkovo Drama theatre.

In the years when we were still Youth theater, but staged performances in our small hall in the Palace of culture, was curious and not quite a simple case, when the actor couldn't make it to the show. We put then a story where he played the Role of a brownie ... so what to do? before the performance a few minutes, the second part was not, it was necessary to get out somehow,not to cancel the show.... The whole burden of responsibility took on Svetlana, as a Director and leader of the team.

The story of Pavel Markin, actor Shchelkovo Drama theatre.

Ehhhh... sorry for the intonation cannot be transferred through the comments, and that would be the story about the "see out" would be a ride. Okay... remember to very simple the history of... Rehearsal of the last scene of the 1st act. The owner (tobish I) takes the pig on a rope next to her sootwetstwu to kill.

Story by Alexandra Kostyleva, actor Shchelkovo even at the time of the Youth theatre
I propose to start to tell funny stories related to the theater! All of these stories have been well-known, but in our group there are not only real and unwitting participants, but also the people who will probably be interested to know Prada, so to speak, from the horse's mouth! Here is an example!

Many of you know, and those who don't know, must have heard vaguely, the story of the broken scenery (in the form of a cube) of the play "Dream with the continuation"! Involuntary the reason was that your humble servant! It was like this.

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