Irina Makarenko

Autumn, 1959. Perhaps it was Friday, not Monday. A joke, and it does not matter in principle that it was for the day, it is important that it was one of those autumn days in 1959, in Shchelkovo Palace of culture was created in the theatre with the unpretentious name - "School theatre" and here is where it all began....
The first Director was Elena Trubacheva, and the first, as you know, hardest of all, but unfortunately this period in the life of the theatre is little known.
B 1970 the theater came Irina Makarenko - Honored worker of culture of the RSFSR and under her leadership, a small theater group, has grown into a full strong team who in 1978 was awarded the title "national".
From the Shchelkovo theatre a rich and long history, with its UPS and downs, successes and failures. But always there were people who did not give to die the theater in our town and one of those people - Svelana I. Pogodin. But, everything in order, then it was Sveta Malakhova...



Svetlana Pogodina

This article was written long ago, but I deliberately leave it unchanged.

The revival of the theatre is connected with the name of a remarkable woman - Svetlana Pogodina, only because of her talent and boundless energy theatre rose from the ruins, made the first, tentative steps, then squared his shoulders and turned professional, but Bo's all in order...

With eight years of dreams theatre girl, her mother took in the local Palace of Culture, where by that time, there was a "School theatre", which later became the Shchelkovo Folk Theatre of the Young spectator. The girl liked it and already, after a while, was the first role - the role of a pageboy however, without a word, but nothing at the start. Then, it went and went. The composition of the troupe changed and updated, and only Sveta Malakhova was something permanent, a little mascot of the troupe.

Sveta Malakhova

As time went on. Svetlana Malakhova (Pogodin), has become a leading theater actress. The role fell one after another. Theatre, often toured in Russia, the former USSR, and abroad. At the festival in the GDR, the journalists could not believe what hit them, the actress who played the role of an elderly teacher in a play based on the sensational then the play "Dear Elena Sergeevna" and this little girl one person. Dressing room just filled up with flowers. And so, it was everywhere, and in Lithuania, and Yugoslavia, and in the Russian cities - flowers, signs, posters on every post.

The girl was lucky, she was in good hands. Chief Director of Shchelkovsky youth theatre, at the time, was Irina Makarenko. Thanks to its energy theatre lasted until 1990, then... All know what happened after the collapse of the vast country, millions of lives, in short, a complete mess. Of course this could not affect the theater, he collapsed.

The troupe Snuza 1978

The actors moved in all directions, adapting to new conditions of existence. And only one person in the entire company has not changed his dream is Light. Three times, she filed documents in the Shchukin Higher Theatre school in between earning a living trying to master different professions. Until one smart man looked at her work, told her: "Sveta, you are a good actress, but... there are many, but the best Director in just two and obchelsya. Believe me, you have this talent. This is your calling. Don't waste your chance it is given once." And Light, believe...

The first time he entered the directing Department of the Shchukin school, in class Mariana of Rubenovna Ter-Zakharova. Here is our Svetochka was in his element. She liked everything! She was given everything and with ease. First in his class, that says a lot. Do not forget our heroine and facts. Married, becoming Svetlana Pogodina, gave birth to a daughter all as expected, but the theater is inviolable, it is a dream that began to become a reality. And the coveted diploma in hand, and surprisingly, the young Director take on independent work in the theatre "Ostrovsky".

Pike Directing faculty, 1995

The first work was the play-tale "the Treasure of Brazil". We will not dwell on the difficulties faced by young Director in establishing contact with the venerable masters of the scene. The problem is known, but the masters did not realize one thing - this girl knows how to get his. And so it was. After a while, regardless of rank and title, the honored master jumped, tumbled and jumped, trying to match the script and directorial concept. And not for nothing was jumping. The tale never left the theater posters of six years. Then there was the theater "awareness". The assistant Director, and for one and the actress of this theater. Then... then, due to various circumstances, the theater had to leave. For the time being. At all times, the integrity and independence of opinion, contributed to the increase in the career. Our case is no exception. But could not, Svetlana Pogodina, to live without a theatre, without its atmosphere, the dressing room, reckless actors who need eyes to eyes. Work on TV, the management of the different artistic groups were not given that magical feeling that brings the process of the birth of the play is hectic and addictive, from the first reading and before the premiere.


The first troupe of the Youth

But then came 1999. By this time, in Sveta's life has already been Svetlany Ivanovny, there have been many different events and joyful, and not. Divorce, marriage, birth of another daughter... and the opening of ITS, albeit small, non-professional, but his home theater.

I'm a little confused by the term "discovery". On the one hand, from the theatre Irina Makarenko remained only a memory, a few dusty posters and the name SNUS, where "N", folk, urgently needed to confirm. And not a stranger in the past the theatre was Svetlana Pogodina. Let's look at the term "revival" is closer to the truth.

Revival began, as it always happens, with a bare space. In the state, two people, Finance, no, space was not, there was no prop, gusto, but!!! Was Svetlana Pogodina, and I will tell you, is not enough. And in the spring, "Youth theatre" found their small academic hall, in the same DC, which began the theatrical fate of Svetlana Pogodina, the circle zasnula. Here you can read and began a new, productive stage in the life of the theatre.



And this? Learn? And it is also Svetlana Pogodina. This woman, unique in every way. You know that second daughter, the copy of mom, she gave birth at the age of 37? And in the same year received a diploma for best Director? And so in all. Energy flows from it, not even a fountain and a geyser. That's why the theatre, despite all peripetias, lives, works and thrives. And it will thrive! And it is an indisputable fact, because the theater don't part with the name - Svetlana Pogodina - BORN to WIN!
...and it's not the end of history is the beginning of a new one!


The story continues!

Since January 2013, Schelkovskaya the people's youth theatre "Youth theatre" is transformed into Shchelkovo Drama theatre! On the basis of a Youth which outgrew the scope of Amateur, made possible the creation of a new professional theatre. The troupe you will again see favorite actors under the guidance of Svetlana Ivanovna Pogodina and get acquainted with new, talented representatives of the acting profession.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who took part in the creation of new theatre:

  • The head of the Shelkovskoy district A. M. Gareeva
  • The Deputy head of the Shchelkovo district N. In. Naumov
  • The head of the Department of culture, sports and tourism A. V. Leksina
  • Deputy head of the Department of culture, sport and tourism O. N. Alexeyeva and many other people provided invaluable support for this initiative.


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